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Crochet, Pompoms, Coasters and Cards

Crafty Corner identified real talent among the members last night. Denise held beginners crochet sessions, leading members through the mysteries of creating their first chains double crochet and more. Maybe we'll all be able to aspire to make the lovely garland Denise was working on.

Pom poms galore emerged from Jo's group some cleverly disguised an Christmas puddings or snowmen, others content in just being fabulous as themselves. The wool winding provided stress relief and after the pom poms were released from their shells and embellished, a real sense of achievement was evident.

Up cycling and reuse is important to us as a group and this week we attempted to convert discarded bottle tops and fabric off cuts into drinks coasters supported by Sherri. The choices of fabric were very varied including African themes, floral and covered with butterflies. These took longer than the 45 minutes we had for each activity and so many were taken home to be finished later, although they were looking amazing.

Who doesn't love a hand crafted card made by someone who has created it just for you? Janet's group were provided with an array of card, foam, decorative paper, buttons, stickers, wood and rhinestone embellishments. The group added their own touch of creativity and transformed the materials into some lovely individual cards for friends and relatives.

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