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DFWI - Annual Meeting

As you know, the Annual Meeting at The Lighthouse in October had to be cancelled so in order to fulfil DFWI's legal obligations they have organised a virtual Annual Meeting at 11am on Tuesday, 8 December via Zoom.

There are two important issues concerning the attached :

1) We need a delegate to represent us at the virtual meeting. I have volunteered but if anybody else would like to be our delegate please let me know by this Friday, 20 November. All the papers required by the delegate are attached.

2) As a WI we need to vote :

a) Adoption of the Standing Orders (as attached)

b) Adoption of the Minutes of last year's Annual Meeting (2019) (as attached)

c) Treasurer's report 2020 to be accepted (see attached)

d) Re-appointment of Elliott & Co for 2021.

As we are unable to hold a meeting and, as such, we are unable to get a show of hands, perhaps we could ask anybody who is against any of the above being accepted (items a) to d) inclusive) to let me know, again by this Friday, 20 November.

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