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First Zoom Meeting

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

We held the first attempt at a Zoom Members' Meeting on the 15th June 2020 Twenty one members were present at the first 40 minute session and a few less at the second session. Jo approached each member in turn and asked how they've kept busy during lockdown and Heather kindly took some notes .Here is a sample of what members have been up to

1) Jenny has been busy gardening and sewing. She has been a regular attendee of the Craft Zoom meetings. Jenny has enjoyed walking round Hengistbury Head.

2) April has been walking early mornings, including walks to Highcliffe Castle and has a new conservatory being built – which starts imminently.

3) Denise has been doing a lot of crafting and she gave us sight of some of her work. She has contributed to making scrubs and bags. There have been some health issues, but all is well now.

4) Pamela has been running along Avon Beach and she has also been doing indoor jobs. She has been planting seeds and listening to Podcasts.

5) Carolyn has continued to work from home. She has been walking her dogs, gardening, taking part in a virtual choir and taken part in many Zoom meetings. She hopes soon to visit her granddaughter in London.

6) Di H has been shielding. She has been getting up early – 5.30 - and walking around Stanpit Marsh and Wilverley Plain and seen the arrival of many new foals. She has been baking and meditating and she also took her kayak across the harbour

7) Lynn has been busy gardening. She has also been a regular walker and spent time crocheting. Lynn shared some family news with us which she is very happy about.

8) Heather has been gardening, de-cluttering, playing scrabble, keeping an eye on her Aunt of 92. She has enjoyed visiting and receiving garden guests and thinks there is a lot about lockdown that people will miss.

9) Carol has been working still and been keeping very busy with her work as a Councillor. In addition, she has been walking and exercising.

10 Di N has been gardening and she has also been keeping entertained each week with online Quizzes which have involved other family members.

11 Marilyn has been walking and decorating. She made a comment about having time to stop and smell the flowers. She has been doing some painting and making birthday cards.

12 Debbie has had her father living with her. She has been busy gardening and dog walking and been power washing at every opportunity. She is not going near the shops.

13 Lynne has recently had a milestone birthday. She has been re-designing her garden which has included a lot of digging. She has been taking part in J’s virtual quiz each week and has also been involved in Nordic Walking.

14 Jane also agreed that parts of the lockdown have been enjoyable but she has missed seeing everybody and having physical contact. She has been busy with crafts contributing to the supply of scrubs and ear-savers. She has been very busy packing clothes.

15 Jessica has been working from home and has also quite enjoyed the lockdown. She has enjoyed Saturday Quiz nights, walks and bike rides. She has been gardening and pleased with her tomatoes.

16 Jean has been isolating with her son and family. She has been walking, gardening and doing some golf. She commented on the weather which has been wonderful for all of us.

17 *Ann has also quite enjoyed the lockdown – gardening, baking, visiting the beach. She has just celebrated her Ruby Wedding and her and her husband were thrilled with a lovely red velvet celebration cake.

18 Jo has also been working from home and keeping in touch with vulnerable children. She has been looking after her mother of 84 and explained that the two of them are now starting to go back to Waitrose supermarket.

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